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The JOYY ONE 3.0
Your smart companion

The JOYY ONE 3.0

is only 59 cm wide and weighs only 55 kg.


The lowest possible weight of a self-balancing electric wheelchair is crucial

for high agility when driving, steering

and when braking.

The JOYY YONE therefore provides you

an absolute lightness
and elegant mobility.

You can effortlessly drive the narrowest paths,
over cobblestones and gravel,
without the steering wheels getting caught.

Turning and twisting on the spot
Through narrow doors
In every business
In every elevator
In every toilet.


Berge treffen See


Exceptional Quality

Barrier-free access

Robust transfer aid

Comfortable Joystick

Comfortable handlebar

Sitting at the table

Lift function

Barrier Free Ascend

The footboard of the JOYY ONE
sinks flat to the ground when parking.

The JOYY ONE allows you

a completely barrier-free access and


When starting, the footboard lifts

automatically adjusts to a comfortable height.

Parking is also possible on uneven ground,

the parking supports calibrate electronically.

The footboard always offers you
a large, comfortable installation area
and protects your feet from shocks.

EQ6A0148.jpg Fußbrett Boden.jpg

Robust transfer aid

Alternatively, the JOYY ONE
of course also offers a comfortable
and resilient transfer aid
with comfortable side padding.

It locks when pulled up
automatically and offers
then a secure lateral support.


Comfortable handlebar

Most JOYY ONE riders
use the stable and easily responsive handlebar.

It gives you even on rough terrain
Terrain always a very safe
and quiet driving experience.


Comfortable joystick

Alternatively, the steering (left / right) of the
JOYY ONE also via the joystick
(can be mounted on the left or right)

take place.

The electronic seat shift (forward / backward)

always gives you a comfortable and
very relaxed sitting position.

Even on longer distances.

The forward / backward control
can therefore be done in two modes:
The active JOYY ONE Body Control
and the joystick control.

Sitting at the table

The seat height of the JOYY ONE
is ergonomically designed so low,
which allows for a very comfortable ascent or descent.
a convenient transfer is possible.

At the same time, this position allows
that you also comfortably
can drive a table.

To eat
To work
To linger

The JOYY ONE is characterized

due to its very high suitability for everyday use.

Lift function

The seat height of the JOYY ONE
can be electronically lifted by 10 cm

To access work surfaces more easily
or to access cupboards.

To shop

to get to a shelf.

Or simply,
for a good conversation
to be able to have a conversation with someone.

Overview JOYY ONE 3.0


Length approx. 70 cm

Width approx. 59 cm


System weight approx. 55 kg

Driver up to 90 kg



3.4 HP


Up to 30 km


2 years

Seat width

approx. 40 cm; variable

Pillows selectable


Comfortable handlebar

Comfortable joystick


Up to 15 km/h

Optional limit 6 km/h


Up to 18%


2 years

Seat height

Comfortable entry 55 cm

Can lift by 10 cm


Footboard flat on floor

Transfer aid sideways

Battery pack



Driving Licence

Minimum age 15 years

moped driving license

Insurance sticker

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